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Google Ads Campaign Development

Google Ads Campaign Development

A Comprehensive Approach

Are you new to Google Ads and looking for help developing a digital marketing strategy to achieve your business objectives? We analyze your business and competitive landscape for online market trends, and then use these insights to inform your Google Ads strategy and account development. This service includes:

  • Online industry trends and competitive analysis

  • Google Ads market demand assessment 

  • Google Ads account setup based on your goals and target audience 

  • Google Ads account structure creation with tightly themed campaigns and ad groups

  • Keyword recommendations based on average monthly searches and competition

  • Tailored text ads that are highly relevant to the keywords they are being displayed for

  • Bid & budget recommendations based on campaign goals

  • Conversion Tracking setup assistance 

AdWords Account Management

Google Ads Monthly Account Management

The Path to Success

Are your Google Ads campaigns not delivering the return on investment you had planned, and you're too busy to manage them on your own? We provide Google Ads Account Management services that consist of ongoing optimizations to maximize your return on investment and ensure you’re fully utilizing all of the targeting and bidding capabilities that Google Ads offers. This service includes: 

  • Campaign optimizations based on location, device, ad delivery, day of week/time of day, frequency capping, bidding method, demographics, and average position

  • Monitoring of your keywords and text ads to ensure you're only bidding on keywords that convert and text ads that are highly relevant

  • Ongoing account updates based on historical performance and industry trends

  • Custom reporting based on performance over time and share of voice

  • Customer support 

AdWords Account Management

Google Ads Consulting

Expert Guidance

Are you looking for opportunities to improve your Google Ads campaigns, but still want to manage them independently? We offer hourly project-based Google Ads consulting tailored to your business needs. Examples of consulting projects include Google Ads account audits, developing a go-to-market strategy for a new product launch, analyzing current share of voice and total market opportunity, expanding your reach with banner and video ads, analyzing your campaign demographics to provide data driven insights, and Google Ads training sessions. Below is a list of channels we provide consulting on:

  • Google Search

  • Google Mobile/AdMob

  • Shopping Ads

  • The Google Display Network

  • YouTube

  • Google Analytics

AdWords Account Management
Google Ads Monthly Management
Google Ads Hourly Consulting
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