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As a former Google employee and now CEO of a business, I can attest that you will not find anyone in Silicon Valley that knows more about Google's ad products than Lauren. She has served some of the top companies in the world, and I consider myself lucky to have her as a consultant for my company. She took over ads from a different agency and has completely turned around our performance. I'm thankful every day for Lauren and dogpatch digital!

- Michelle McGovern, CEO of uforia studios


Lauren and her team at dogpatch digital is one of the most competent and capable in the AdWords space. The team is easy to work with and strives to do their best work week after week. I would highly recommend working with dogpatch digital, and I am looking forward to a long-standing relationship with them.

- Jordan Gadapee, CCO of Textline


Lauren at dogpatch digital is a total pro. She was able to turn around a Google Ads account that we inherited from another agency and helped us really compete during a super competitive ad time.

- Carin Galletta Oliver, CEO of Angelsmith, Inc.


Lauren is like having a Fortune 500 PPC team working on your small biz campaign. From the beginning I could tell she had a higher level of knowledge than the previous professionals I have worked with. Rather than throw up a bunch of keywords and narrow it down from there she set it up efficiently from the beginning so I wasn’t wasting money on irrelevant clicks. She isn’t cheap, I would say reasonably priced and fully worth it.

- Scott Swanson, Owner/CEO of Scott Swanson Chiropractic

Lauren is extremely knowledgeable and clear in her explanation and implementation of advertising strategies. She is creative in defining parameters and new ways of engaging with customers while also working to give her clients the best ROI. I definitely recommend dogpatch digital to any business, large or small, who is looking to benefit from online advertising.

- James Stewart, Co-Proprietor of Stewart Cellars


I have worked with dogpatch digital across 5 accounts this year and have had an excellent experience. Lauren is professional, proactive, extremely knowledgable, delivers on time, and goes the extra mile to ensure peak performance for her clients. I have recommended her several times. It's hard to find someone with 10 years at Google - you're getting top notch talent at great rates.

- Katie Rottier, former Head of Industry at Google


I've been working with dogpatch digital for a while now and Lauren's knowledge of Google, digital marketing and AdWords blows me away. She is very professional, dedicated and her work is amazing. Definitely recommend dogpatch digital to any business that is looking to drive more customers to their business.

- Steve Muscato, Owner/CEO of eyeBrand

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